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We create dreams for the future.
We realize them sucessfully.

You know that you found your dream when you have a desire to achieve a goal, have the gut to pursue it, have the courage to overcome any obstacles on your path and feel blessed when finally realizing it. Dream on, keep up and make it pay off.

  • 2013

    The Foundation
    The beginning of our parent company  
    H-Creatives Technologies was laid by a Genius: Virendra Singh. Back in 2014, the passionate young pupil, whose major is Information Technology & Business Development, had thought about starting a company to deliver technological & digital services in an old rented apartment.
  • 2019
    The SEEDING of a new beginning
    After 6 years of serving as an independent freelancer, our founder thought he has to make a new energetic team to produce more creative products. For creating the team the finding right talent is the first step.
  • 2022
    Bytonic Founded
    After 3 years Mr. Navdeep Gupta has joined the company and the new firm founded called Parralel Power It Solution. Navdeep is one of our founder member and he has 8+ years of experience in web development, And team begins.